IAGES Guidelines

IAGES Guidelines

  • Those who are not members may apply for membership online. See the website click here www.iages.in for more details. Please Pay Rs.8260 (Membership Fees Rs.7000 + 18% GST ) as Membership fees**. After submitting this form, you will be directed with Payment gateway and on successful completion, your registration will be automatically accepted.
  • Membership Number will be given to members after successful completion of payment and it will be given in 2 weeks from Honorary Secretary’s Office. Post graduate degree in surgery is mandatory. Number of years of experience in laparoscopic surgery should be a minimum of 2 years (includes experience in laparoscopy as resident). A resident or junior consultant should obtain certificate of experience from the HOD of the hospital/ Institution as a supportive document. Attach soft copies of MBBS, MS or DNB certificate and MCI registration certificate during membership registration.
  • Members of collaborating associations who have signed MOU with IAGES are also eligible. They are expected to get their application endorsed by the respective collaborating association prior to joining the course.


IAGES will conduct a 3 days certification Fellowship course at Krupamayi Hospital, Aurangabad from 24th to 26th February 2023. The course will be a balanced mix of didatic lectures by eminent faculties with ample time for discussion, video presentations, open house sessions, symposia and direct informal interaction of groups with eminent faculties (Meet the Professor). Participants will get ample time on endo-trainer under close guidance and supervision of faculties to improve their hand eye co-ordination by structured exercises. Beside the allotted time, there will be liberal availability of endo-trainer at other times. The objectives of the course are to impart/update knowledge by close interaction and improving hand eye co-ordination. There will be many unique features in the course to make it more useful, convenient and memorable for you.


On the 2nd day, i.e. 25th February 2023, a live operative workshop will be conducted. Commonly practiced basic and advanced laparoscopic procedures will be demonstrated by eminent faculties who are masters in their field with emphasis on the correct practices. The workshop shall be an open house interactive session with delegate as the central point.


  • Attendance is compulsory for all course participants on all days.
  • Participants are requested to sign-in and sign-out (in & out pre-lunch and in and out post lunch) which is mandatory and stay in hall till the proceedings are over. For every in and out a new register will be maintained. Marks will be given for the attendance
  • Participants are requested to reach AURANGABAD on 24th February before 8.00 am without fail. Registration will start at 8.00 am. Venue: Hotel Rama International, Jalna Road, Aurangabad
  • All exam category Participants are requested to be present for the exam at the announced time Participants without exam category (above 10 years of experience in MAS) will appear for an interview on Sunday the 26th February 2023 evening.
  • The last sign-out will be on 26th February, Sunday 5pm. Please plan your return ticket accordingly.


All fellowship certificates will be given only in person to the successful candidates in a convocation Ceremony during the National Conference of IAGES 2024 Chennai, Tamilnadu.

  • Suitable for those candidates working as faculty in teaching institution and all surgeons with more than 10 year experience in doing laparoscopy
  • Already an IAGES member or should become IAGES member Number of
  • laparoscopy done in the last 10 years : >100 would be eligible to receive the FIAGES fellowship on satisfactory completion of the FIAGES course and the informal interview
  • Suitable for those with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in laparoscopic surgery (includes experience in laparoscopy as postgraduate/resident).
  • Fellow should have experience certificate from HOD, Employer or self if running own hospital
  • Fellow should present Log Book. Total 25 cases including all Assisted/ Operated laparoscopic surgeries.
  • Online FIAGES is also open to Non-members and all surgical postgraduates and interested surgeons across the globe under the Non-Fellowship category wherein they are eligible to take this course and receive the certificate of completion of FIAGES course.
  • They could register and participate in the annual national conference as postgraduates or Nonmember category


Eminent National Faculties, who are masters in their respective field will be handling the sessions

  • History of Laparoscopy
  • Endo-Vision System
  • Hand Instruments, Accessories & Ergonomics
  • Sterilization of Instruments & Maintenance
  • Energy Sources in Laparoscopy
  • Training in Laparoscopy & Starting A Laparoscopy Unit
  • Peritoneal Access, Access Complications & Prevention
  • Physiology of Pneumoperitoneum & Anaesthesia in Laparoscopy
  • Tissue Approximation & Endosuturing
  • Standard Lapchole
  • Difficult Cholecystectomy, Tips & Tricks l Management of Lap Biliary Injuries
  • Management of CBD Stones in Era of Laparoscopy
  • Panel Discussion on Complications of Lapchole
  • Lap Appendicectomy
  • Emergency Laparoscopy (Other than Appendix)
  • Inguinal Anatomy
  • TAPP
  • TEP
  • Prosthetic Materials and Fixation Devices in Hernia Surgery
  • Lap Ventral Hernia ( IPOM ) repair
  • l Lap Surgery for Esophagus & Stomach (Benign)
  • Lap Surgery for Esophagus & Stomach (Malignant)
  • Lap Surgery for Spleen & Adrenals
  • Lap Surgery of Liver & Pancreas
  • Lap Surgery for Benign & Malignant Diseases of Large Intestine
  • Lap Gynecological Surgery for General Surgeons
  • Lap Urological Surgery
  • Lap Obesity & Metabolic Surgery
  • Panel Discussion on Complications of Lap Hernia Surgery
  • Medico-Legal Aspects l VATS/ Thoracoscopic Surgery
  • Lap Pediatric Surgery
  • Robotic Surgery - Today & Tomorrow


Comprehensive Laparoscopic Surgery (can be downloaded from : click here www.iages.in )
Textbook of Laparoscopic surgery by Dr.T.E. Udwadia
The SAGES Manual of Laparoscopic Surgery by Dr.Alfred Cuschieri.
Surgical Laparoscopy by Zucker Baily
Comprehensive Laparoscopic Surgery- 4th Edition (IAGES)