FIAGES Guidelines

Fiages Guidelines Fiages-Fellowship Category

  • Candidate should be an IAGES member
  • Fellowship certificate will be awarded only if the delegate attends the convocation ceremony at the subsequent national conference at Chennai-2024.
  • Registration for the national conference is mandatory.
  • Those who are not members may apply for membership online. See the website click here for more details. Post graduate degree in surgery is mandatory.
  • Number of years of experience in endoscopy should be a minimum of 2 years (includes experience in laparoscopy as resident). A resident or junior consultant should obtain certificate of experience from the HOD of the hospital/Institution as a supportive document. Attach soft copies of MBBS, MS or DNB certificate and MCI registration certificate during registration.
  • Members of collaborating associations who have signed MOU with IAGES are also eligible. They are expected to get their application endorsed by the respective collaborating association prior to joining the course


  • Suitable for those candidates working as faculty in teaching institution and all surgeons with more than 10 year experience in endoscopy including therapeutic interventions
  • Have been doing significant number of endoscopies including therapeutic endoscopies for more than 10 years
  • Would be eligible to receive the EFIAGES fellowship on satisfactory completion of the EFIAGES course and an informal interview


  • Suitable for those with a minimum of 2 years experience in endoscopy (includes experience as resident).
  • Fellow should have experience certificate from HOD, Employer or self if running own hospital.
  • Fellow should present an online Log Book. Total 25 cases of diagnostic upper GI/Lower GI endoscopy Done/Assisted


  • Online FIAGES is also open to Non-members and all surgical postgraduates and interested surgeons across the globe under the Non-Fellowship category wherein they are eligible to take course and receive the Certificate of attendance.
  • They could register and participate in the annual national conference as postgraduates or Non-member category


  • Age/Sex/Surgery/Role/Post-op course/Complication/Remarks
  • Role - Assisted/under supervision/Independent (as drop down)
  • Post-op course - Uneventful / Eventful (as drop down)
  • Remarks - Type the outcome of the event, if patient has been conservatively managed, Recovered, Diseased, Transferred, etc
  • Complications - Infection, Bleeding, Perforation, Stricture, Failure to complete, others (type if others) as drop down
  • Remarks - Type the outcome of the event, if patient has been conservatively managed, Recovered, Diseased, Transferred to surgical intervention, etc.


  • Welcome address by President
  • Scope of Online EFIAGES course- Obstacles & Solutions
  • Endoscopy Hard ware
  • Endoscopy room setup &check lists
  • Endoscopy : when to do and when not to do Informed consent
  • Endoscopy step by step
  • Demonstration of upper GI endoscopy With simulators
  • Endoscopic atlas of Upper GI Pathology
  • Endoscopic recording/documentation /Reporting
  • Energy Sources for Flexible endoscopy
  • Role of Endoscopy in cases of dysphagia other than Malignancy
  • Role of Endoscopy in Upper GI bleeding
  • Role of Endoscopy in GERD and Achlasia
  • Role of Endoscopy in FB Upper GI tract
  • Therapeutic upper GI endoscopy and Role of Endoscopy in Upper GI malignancy
  • Recorded Cases of Upper GI endoscopy
  • Prevention and management of Complications of Upper GI Endoscopy
  • Colonoscopy Hard ware Indications Preparation
  • Colonoscopy step by step
  • Virtual Live Demonstration of Upper GI Endoscopy And Colonoscopy
  • Colonoscopic image atlas
  • Image enhancement endoscopy and colonoscopy
  • Recorded demonstration of colonoscopy
  • Guidelines and management in Therapeuptic Colonoscopy
  • Role of EUS in today‚Äôs diagnosis and management
  • Complications due to Colonoscopy
  • Advances in GI endoscopy
  • Role of Endoscopy in Obesity
  • ABC of ERCP
  • Role of Endoscopy in the era of laparoscopy
  • Recorded transmission of therapeutic endoscopic procedures